Living well will make us better…
Migros operates as a good corporate citizen who aims to enhance the welfare of the geography where we operate and we strive to ensure that everybody can afford a “good life”. In order to determine the needs of the regions in which we operate, our Corporate Research Department conducts many research studies involving 35,000 customers on various issues annually. We have created social responsibility projects on the basis of the results obtained from this research. We aim to increase the multiplier effect of these projects through engaging our employees and expanding our value chain.

We care about protecting the natural environment, avoiding damage to the historical heritage and acting in accordance with general customs and traditions while operating. We have been paying attention to protecting our customers’ rights and health since 1954 when we started our operations. Many innovative practices initiated by Migros encourage good shopping habits and consumer awareness, and later, these practices set the standards of the industry.

Migros is the only company from the retail industry that has qualified for the “BIST Sustainability Index” each year since it launched in Turkey in 2014. We demonstrated the importance we place on human rights and nature in business processes once again by taking part in the 2015 index. Migros was also recognized as “Turkey's Most Admired Retail Company" in the “Turkey's Most Admired Companies" survey in 2015, which represented the twelfth consecutive year we have received this prize.
At Migros, we are aware that even a single wrong practice would cause damage to a good reputation. Therefore, we make efforts to create, extend, and adopt our Code of Business Conduct not only in our value chain, but also in our industry.

Migros’ Code of Ethics describes the company's responsibility towards society. Our first and most essential responsibility is to ensure that all taxes and other financial obligations are fully paid on a timely basis. This can also serve as a good practice example in this regard. With our efficiency-centered growth strategy and innovative practices, we create value not only for our value chain, but also for the Turkish economy.

As of 2015 we have a total of 21,762 employees including 20,171 domestic and 1,591 overseas employees. Women make up around 40% of our workforce both in Turkey and internationally. As Migros, we continue to create jobs by opening new stores. In addition, by working in close cooperation with our suppliers, the campaigns we introduce to the retail industry, and the products specially manufactured for Migros provide important examples due to their innovative features for our industry.
Migros has determined its social impacts as including issues around social health, hygiene, environmental awareness and to support social development and the enrichment of cultural life.

With the projects we develop where social assistance is needed, Migros works together with other foundations, associations, and other non-governmental organizations. Migros is working to extend the footprint of our social responsibility operations by encouraging our customers and employees to get involved in these operations. In 2015, our company made a total financial contribution of TRY 355,975.15 to various foundations and associations.

Health and Sports
At Migros, we aim to create a positive impact on our customers’ health and on the local communities where we operate. As a result, we provide support for many innovative projects at our stores and within the geography where we are active.

In order to help encourage healthy living, we have combined and enlarged the scope of our ‘balanced nutrition’ and ‘activity’ initiatives under the “Good Living” roof. In addition, by launching the “Good Living” motto we are leading the way to start a comprehensive movement for improving public health within our sector.

The reason why we help our consumers to make informed choices is so that they can make better decisions for a better life. The positive effect of our work around promoting an active and healthy life for the general public is rapidly increasing. In this regard, we utilize communication and education programs on healthy living, better nutrition and calorie intake in order to help consumers make informed choices through increasing consumer awareness.

In 2014, we held a contest in order to make being active one of the key elements of a healthy lifestyle and a part of our customer’s life. All those who choose the city where they live on the “Get Moving” tab in the My Migros Store application will be rewarded based on how much they walk. Our active customers showed great interest in the project. Migros intended to establish a “recreation centre” for the cities that took the most steps. The ‘Get Moving’ project reached 22,500 people in 2015 and the “Migros recreation centres” were established for the winning cities of Adapazı, Serdivan and Erzincan. In 2016, the second phase of the project started. Customers, who downloaded Migros’ application and walked 10 thousand steps a day, were awarded with loyalty card Money gift points. With the projects covered by “Good Living”, we are aiming to reach 23,000 people and to encourage them to take on a more active lifestyle in 2016.

As Migros, we joined the Vodafone Fun Run in which 300 of our employees participated and we also organized speeches and sport events related to healthy living. In addition, as part of the events organized for “Global Wellness Day”, which is celebrated on the same day in 52 countries, we gave out Private Label Brand healthy snacks to 10 thousand participants committed to a healthy lifestyle. At these events we also promoted our Good Agricultural and Good Chicken products.

For children to adopt sports as a lifestyle and a culture of “fair play”, Migros carried out the “Youth Jersey Training Program” through the Turkey Education Volunteers Foundation between 2008 and 2014. The program was awarded under UEFA’s “Football for Everyone” program with the Grassroots Charter star for the third time in 2014. The “Young Uniforms” project was awarded the honorary award in the “Sportive Promotion” and “2013 Fair Play Awards” given by the Turkish Olympic Committee. During the project, 4,997 children received training and 245 volunteers participated around Turkey.

In addition, in 2015, we sponsored the “Future Young Athletes Growing Sports Festival” in Izmir, in order to support sport clubs and a healthy younger generation. As part of the festival, children aged 8-15 competed in mini tennis, archery, basketball and penalty competitions, Migros provided awards for the top 3 places with shopping vouchers.

In addition, in 2015, we held the “Morning Sports” project and performed sports in the morning accompanied by coaches 6 day a week to 4 thousand people (in 3 locations Güzelyalı, Bostanlı shore and Bornova).

In another project we organized weekly cycling tours in Izmir and brought cyclists together with “Sundays with a Bicyle”. In 2014, we organized the "3rd High Schools Cycling Competition". 2,500 high school students spent a pleasant time in the competition and 800 students also learned to ride a bike at the event. We have continued organizing bike tours under the motto of “Sundays with a Bicycle” in 2015 and a total of 13 thousand people have attended in 4 years.

Another social responsibility project of Migros that has been going on since 2004 is the initiative “Special Support for Special Athletes”. In order to encourage young people with mental disabilities to take part in sports, a part of the Procter & Gamble product revenues derived from store sales is donated to the Special Olympics Turkey Committee.

Under the “Removing the Obstacles in Shopping” program, the number of disabled wheelchairs was increased from 229 units in 204 stores at the end of 2014 to 251 units in 223 stores by the end of 2015. The number has now reached 301 in 2016. As a result, in all of our stores, cash and Migros Jet register pass ways are adapted for wheelchair access considering our disabled consumers’ convenience. In 2016, 25 stores have been identified as “Disabled Friendly Stores” for a pilot project and development for improving these stores has started for our hearing impaired, visually impaired and walking disabled customers to shop more easily.

In addition, we have started a project with Paşabahçe to support MEVA (Breast Foundation of Turkey). The project consists of donating a percentage of the sales of the exclusively designed glasses for Migros by Paşabahçe to the Breast Foundation. In 2016, we started collaboration with Memeder (Breast Health Society of Turkey) and Pantene to draw attention to the importance of early detection of breast cancer. A portion of revenues from Pantene products that are labelled with pink ribbon or special pink Pantene packages and that are sold in Migros stores are donated to Memeder.

Culture and Art
As Migros, we believe that investment in culture and art significantly improves the quality of life of the community and encourages creativity. For this reason, we support long-term projects such as "Migros Traditional 23rd of April Theatre Festival" which has been going on for 22 years and “Migros Children's Theatre” which has been taking place for 11 years and has enabled around 1 million children access to free theatre in several provinces.

The longest-term social responsibility project relating to theatre in Turkey, Migros Children's Theatre, has brought together children from 60 different provinces with the magical world of theatre and under the slogan of “Hand and Hand into Tomorrow”. In the 2015-2016 season, Migros Children's Theatre, celebrating its 11th year, has been on tour to 7 different regions of Turkey presenting performances. Written and directed by Enis Fosforoğlu, the "The Crafty Candy man" play shows that eating healthy is the first step to a good life and mentions the importance of an active lifestyle. In 2016, Migros Children's Theatre provided information about the basics of a good life in Istanbul and Mersin to 11 thousand children.

Additionally, in cooperation with the State Theatres, “April 23 Migros Traditional Theatre Festival” which has been ongoing for 22 years and reaches children every year with approximately 45 performances. The Festival brings children together with theatre and its enjoyable, educational plays for free. During the week of April 23rd on National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, Migros customers can send toys, stationery and children books as a gift to children through TEGV (Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey).

At Migros, education is one of the foremost topics that we give importance to and develop new projects. Steps we take in this area include initiatives to raise awareness so that the future generations are more informed and can be more effective.

In 2015, to promote the concept of sustainability to all Migros employees, a dramatized training, consisting of 4 stages, "Sustainability Marathon" was created. The training informed employees both about sustainability and the response and projects being undertaken by Migros. The program provides employees the opportunity to learn and for them to enjoy themselves while competing. Our employees can access the training whenever and wherever they want through the Migros e-learning platform With a circulation of 14,750 posts, Migros Corporate Communications magazine "Turuncu" (Orange) is published every 3 months with a page on Sustainability provided to employees so they can follow the agenda on this topic. The first two sections of the e-learning became available to all Migros employees in 2015 and it is now complete with the new two sections being offered in 2016. Employees who completed all 4 stages successfully were awarded with reward points from Migros Awards Catalogue. By April 2016, 7,354 employees have participated in the training.

In order to contribute to the development of reading habits in children, we support the “Book for Everyone Foundation” by acting in partnership with our customers. Starting in 2013, the project was developed in 2014 and was introduced to all Migros stores. Books brought from home or bought with a special price in our stores are left in the “Book for Everyone Foundation” boxes. The campaign has so far collected 45,300 books and has helped in delivering books to schools all around Turkey.

At Migros, in addition to long-term social responsibility projects that are carried out, we also provide support to short-term projects. For example, a portion of sales from our Mother-Baby catalogue, covering the October-November period in 2014 and 2015, was donated to Koruncuk (Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection) to provide support to children’s education. In addition, in 2015, with our UNICEF stands positioned in MetroCity, Ortaköy, Istinye, Anadoluhisarı and ACR Loft Migros stores, we supported raising awareness on pre-school education. Support was provided to school education for children with limited opportunities by sending stationery sets to the “Children are ours” Teaching and Learning Support Association.

Through collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, ENVER (the Energy Efficiency Association) and Migros, support was extended to inform families of energy conservation by displaying banners that include small measures that can be taken to reduce energy consumption in all Migros stores.

In partnership with ÇEVKO (Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Utilization Foundation), Migros also launched a training program for consumers, aimed at raising awareness at meeting social and economic needs of future generations and creating a future where people and nature can coexist in productive harmony. The focus of the training practice is the necessity of separation and collection of packaging wastes from household wastes.

Public Welfare
As Migros, we believe in the importance of social outreach projects to meet short-term needs.

We have already reached tens of thousands of children with the Migros and Ariel (P&G) traditional "Children's Clothes Donation Campaign" and more activities are underway. With the extensive support of our customers to this campaign, clothes collected in our stores are cleaned with Ariel so they are as brand new and sent to children through the Community Volunteers Foundation. The Clothing Donation Campaign has donated over 500 thousand clothing to more than 220 thousand children in the last 5 years.

In addition, every year during Eid-al-Adha, Migros gives the opportunity to its store and online customers to send donations to the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children Foundation.

As part of the protocol we have with HAYTAP (Animal Rights Federation), some of Migros stores deliver products that have an upcoming expiry date or that expired on that day to the HAYTAP authorities so that they can feed forest, stray and shelter animals. The project was implemented in 2014 and by the end of 2015, support has been provided by 205 of our stores in 24 provinces. We extended our support to HAYTAP to 338 stores in 40 provinces in 2016.

Our Corporate Memberships
Migros has many corporate memberships including those listed below.

  • CGF (Consumer Goods Forum)
  • GPD (Food Retailers Association)
  • YASED (International Investors Association)
  • ÇEVKO (Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Utilization Foundation)
  • GGD (Food Safety Association)
  • TOBB (Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union)
  • PERYÖN (Turkey People Management Association)
  • KİD (Business Communicators Association)
  • SETBİR (Turkey Milk, Meat, Food Industrialists and Producers Association)
  • TAMPF (All Shopping Centers and Retailers Association)
  • TURMEPA (Marine Environment Protection Association)
  • ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)
  • TUSİAD (Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association)
  • EUROCOMMERCE (EU Retail, Wholesale and International Trade Representation)
  • ETÜDER (The Association of Home Consumption Suppliers)
  • TUYİD (Investor Relations Association)
  • Gartner Nederland B.V.
  • TEGEP (Training and Development Platform Association)
  • KALDER (Turkey Quality Association)

NGOs We Work With
  • EOV (Aegean Forestry Foundation)
  • TEGV (Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey)
  • ZİÇEV (Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children Foundation)
  • Turkish Red Crescent
  • KORUNCUK (Turkey Foundation for Children in Need of Protection)
  • WWF (World Wildlife Foundation)
  • TEV (Turkey Education Foundation)
  • TEMA (Turkey Combating Soil Erosion, Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Resources Foundation)
  • BEDD (Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled)
  • HAYTAP (Animal Rights Federation)
  • LÖSEV (Children's Leukaemia Foundation)
  • TAP (Portable Battery Manufacturers and Exporters Association)
  • MEVA (Turkey Breast Foundation)
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