• Attaching great importance to supplier selection, Migros follows suppliers’ practices, assisting and providing guidance to suppliers with the aim of increasing their performance. Migros has been implementing a specific audit programme for its suppliers since 2008. Its suppliers’ production facilities are audited in accordance with Migros protocol prepared by independent external bodies, especially for Migros. Migros discontinues product purchases from suppliers which have failed to obtain adequate marks in the audits.
  • In 2017 Migros expanded the scope of the “Supplier Inspection Programme” in order to increase awareness about suppliers producing with consideration for their employees and the environment in addition to producing “Good Quality and Safe products”.
  • In the scope of the Migros Supplier Inspection Programme, Food Safety inspections in accordance with  BRC standarts and Ethic and Social Responsibility inspections in accordance with GC Sedex. 
  • Migros fulfills requirements of standards on an international scale concerning product safety and controls every process of each product, from the initial purchase to the way until it reaches the final consumer.
  • All of the products that are and will be presented for sale are monitored periodically by quality specialists in line with the specially prepared Food-Nonfood “Migros Control Criteria” and legal requirements.
  • Migros brand products are meticulously inspected at every stage from production until it reaches the final consumer. The performance of products is monitored on a regular basis with facility inspections before and after production; content and quality analyses as part of legal regulations and Migros parameters, and with tasting panels.
  • In order to provide safe products in the agricultural production and livestock fields Migros has adopted the “Good Agricultural Practices Production Model” and encourages suppliers to do certified farming. Also as the first retailer with the “Good Agricultural Practices Group Certification” in herbal production, Migros monitors the certification and inspection processes of producer groups firsthand.

  • The products that are delivered to the Distribution centers and stores of Migros Ticaret A.Ş. are checked at every goods delivery receipt and only products that pass inspection are accepted.
  • All products delivered by suppliers including the fruit and vegetable warehouses and meat distribution centers are checked during the product acceptance process in the quality control laboratories located in the Migros Distribution Centers.
  • In 2016, 183,766 products were checked by Migros Quality Specialists, 1,631,860 products were checked by acceptance specialists, so that a total of 1,815,626 products were checked for quality.


  • All of the requirements of quality and food safety systems have been embraced by all employees at the stores and have been included in every stage of their work.
  • The critical check points within the store operation processes, which affect food safety, are monitored with daily and monthly control forms. Expiration date inspections, temperature inspections and traceability inspections are just some of the recorded applications that are conducted as part of this system.
  • The stores are inspected without notice by independent external companies and by the Migros Quality Specialists to reinforce quality and food safety applications. During these inspections analysis samples are taken to check cleaning and disinfection applications.
  • Periodical training is provided to store employees to increase quality and food safety awareness and make this a sustainable application.
  • Migros, that follows globally recognized standards as its guide controls the processes from five quality management system certificates that it possesses in its stores by its own quality team and accredited independent external body through uninformed audits.