Sectors which we serve

Catering Companies:
Assure the quality of your company’s image as well as the quality of the products you offer your customers, with Migros Wholesale. Reduce costs while supplying sector specific products with delivery guarantees for all your projects by sourcing your products, at the same quality and price all over Turkey, from Migros Wholesale. Call us for solutions which reduce not only unit price but also the total cost, which keep logistic and operational needs to a minimum and which do away with quality sourced problems such as waste. Benefit from being able to make long-term future plans using fixed prices.

Hotels/Café-Restaurant Establishments:
Procure all the needs of your establishment from a single source at the very best prices with service wherever you might be in Turkey. With payment terms to suit you, you can lower the cost of running your business while providing high quality products that will satisfy your guests and customers.
With its wide product range you can get everything you need from Migros Wholesale, from gourmet products to meat and from grocery products to cleaning materials.

Corporate Customers:

For the best solutions to all the food/catering needs of your company look no further than Migros Wholesale. Get all your needs delivered to your company from a single source at the lowest price and the highest quality in the market. Procure all your kitchen supplies, beverages and related products from a single source with a reliable service tailored to your company. Choose the payment plan and conditions that suit you while increasing employee satisfaction with tailored solutions.

Special Customers:
Give us a call if you want our team of food engineers and other specialized personnel to supply all the food requirements of your company or private establishment and if you want a wide product range, from the most delicious tastes to the most special products, from imported cheeses to select wines and from meat products to exotic fruits, to be delivered to your door.

Why Migros Wholesale?

Product Variety: In Migros Wholesale, there are thousands of products specific to your business. Thousands of products which are controlled using global standards in each category in the way you would expect from Migros, are available to meet all your requirements.…

Migros Wholesale, with sector specific products and service variety, provides solutions to keep your total costs to a minimum in every sector not only with the unit prices but also with the added values we supply. We always have the best prices at Migros Wholesale because we have a powerful purchasing infrastructure and we constantly monitor market prices and sectoral developments....

Just call us for all your corporate needs. Wholesale Regional Directorates found in five regions will be at your side with their strong and trained staff as soon as possible.  

In Migros Wholesale all products are constantly monitored and tracked according to the quality systems in place, from production to delivery. Products are stored and transported at the required temperature and conditions set by the food codex.

The powerful logistic infrastructure of Migros Wholesale delivers the products you require to your door at the time and standards you require. Instead of working with different suppliers for each need you can procure all that you need in just one delivery arriving at the time we promised you.

On-going development:
Migros Wholesale always reflects the advantages of being the market leader and the biggest buyer on to the customer. With our great prices which are possible through our purchasing system which is under continuous development, Migros Wholesale gives its customers the opportunity of reducing long-term costs.

Payment Advantages:
Migros Wholesale offers your company the most suitable payment options with payment solutions specific to your sector and helps you to control cash-flow with payment systems tailored according to your sector and purchasing habits.

Food aid- Ramadan Hampers/New Year Hampers

We have a special hamper service for corporations, state institutions, private associations, foundations, local governments and other similar places. The hampers are prepared according to your requirements and budget, and contain the products you choose from a list of alternatives.  You can procure what you need with better quality and prices with these specially prepared and specially priced hampers.

Contact information

İstanbul and Marmara Regions
Address : Şekerpınar Mahallesi Otomotiv Caddesi No:5 Çayırova Kocaeli
Telephone : 0 850 310 10 54 – 55 – 56 – 57 -58 -59 -60 -61
Fax : 0 850 310 11 28
E-Mail :
Ankara and İç Anadolu Regions
Address : İstanbul Yolu 28.Km Saray Köy Çıkışı
Kazan- Ankara
Telephone : 0 850 310 13 70
Fax : 0 850 310 14 39
E-Mail :
İzmir and Aegean Regions
Address : Ankara Asfaltı 30. Km. Sütçüler mevki 35170 Kemalpaşa – İZMİR
Telephone : 0 850 310 17 91-92-93
Fax : 0 232 239 30 51
E-Mail :
Antalya and Mediterranean Regions
Address : Demircikara Mah.1448 Sok.No:39/1-8 Yeşilbahçe/ANTALYA
Telephone : 0850 310 1960 (2097-2098-2091-2092-2093-2094-2095)
Fax : 0850 310 19 84
E-Mail :
Adana Region
Address : Ceyhan Yolu, Organize Sanayi Bölgesi - Adana
Telephone : 0 8503101440 ( Dahili : 4347 – 4356 )
Fax : 0 8503101479
E-Mail :
Bursa Region
Address : Yeni Yalova Yolu 9.Km AsMerkez AVM Yanı AsMerkez Migros Osmangazi-BURSA
Telephone : 0 850 229 86 84
Fax : 0 216 579 35 26
E-Mail :