The quality of our products and services reflects the quality of our employees. In our endeavor to create a company spanning to generations, we strive for attracting and employing the best and most competent people; taking maximum advantage of our people’s abilities, strengths and creativity; increasing their individual productivity; providing them opportunities to develop themselves; and creating a workplace in which teamwork and solidarity flourish.
Commitment to Shared Values
Our Corporate Culture is based on our shared values. These values are:
1. Trust
2. Leadership
3. Sensitivity
4. Customer-focus
5. Efficiency
6. Innovation

Migros Turkey is a fair employer providing equal opportunities to its employees and welcomes cultural, age and gender diversity, and people with disabilities into its workforce. We are committed to providing workplace training and lifelong learning opportunities for all of our employees.

Training and development is an integral and ongoing part of our employees’ careers as associates. We do offer unique opportunities for advancement and career growth with our mentoring programs and leadership courses.

Any action of employees contravening the company’s shared values are dealt with impartially through our warning system and disciplinary committee procedures. Employee related issues at Migros is the primary function of the Industrial Relations Department. The objectives of this Department are to ensure that there is full compliance with all laws and regulations by the company. The department oversees the legal and contractual rights of the employees and manages employee rights so as to maintain labor peace and fulfil all legal obligations. In our company, in line with the law in Turkey, compensation is paid to employees who have completed a full year of work. The money reserved for this purpose is announced to the public via our financial reports.
One of Migros Human Resources’ most important strategic objectives is to have human resources which will support the company’s efforts to defend its leading position in a highly competitive industry by being knowledgeable, customer and process focused, resourceful, and dynamic. In line with this approach, the company’s human resources policy is rooted in the philosophy of “Creating employees who will create competitive advantages”.

As Migros, we defined our employer brand promise as “Good Job, Good Future” in 2014. Human Resources Management in Migros, highlights the value given to human beings to make this concept strategically important and creates awareness to evaluate them as privileged.

Human resources strategies are designed to create and develop a reliable, fast and proactive organizational structure to sustain the sector leadership of Migros in a highly competitive business environment. Employees are considered as a strategic asset that their experience and creativity would be the driving forces in the adaptation of the company to a competitive environment that is changing quickly and to new markets.

Superior Business Ethics and Integrity:
In all dealings with employees, the company accepts acting fairly, in good faith and in an understanding manner and by abiding by the rules of law and ethics as fundamental principles.

Occupational Safety:
Migros ensures its employees fulfil all of their obligations in compliance with the laws and regulations. The company, in order to ensure the safety of its employees in the workplace, complies not only with all legal requirements but also with the industry standards on ergonomics and improvement of the working environment. Civil defence activities are provided alongside of theoretical and practical trainings in cooperation with the public institutions in charge.

Equal Opportunities:
Migros provides its services in Turkey and abroad through its workforce comprising of individuals coming from many different linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds. In accordance with United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, we are carrying out activities in accordance with globally accepted human rights principles.

All human resource-related decisions from recruitment and placement to compensation are governed by job position profiles defined in detail. Through the human resource evaluation systems, Migros objectively monitors and assesses the competencies, skills and performances of its employees by common principles applied to all. Migros provides equal training, promotion, and career development and compensation opportunities to its employees based on the evaluation results.

As another example of our commitment to anti-discrimination principles, another aspect that we focus our practices on is the support for female employment. Studies are conducted relating to the recruitment process to promote female employment and career opportunities for women in the retail industry. Regarding this matter, the best results were achieved in 2015 in the headquarter recruitment processes. In our headquarters, out of 145 white collar recruitments, 98 were female employees and they comprised 68% of total HQ recruitment which was a great success.

Human Resources Management:
The management of human resources processes and relations with employees at our Company, in line with established human resources policies and principles, is the responsibility of the Assistant General Manager for Human Resources and Industrial Relations; this function is clearly defined and undertaken within the regulations and business ethics principles of the Company.

Migros acts in accordance with its Human Resources policy with its attitude and behavior towards its employees. This policy is reviewed regularly and updated according to the needs of employees and management. The updated policy is shared with employees. All the information employees need about Human Resources management is available on the company’s intranet pages. Moreover, trainings related to employee rights are delivered regularly. Our company informs employees about necessary trainings to be attended regularly including certain rules, regulations and policies of the company as well as working laws, working rights and human rights and gives mandatory trainings to employees.

Migros, as we stated in our Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Policy, complies with universal principles of human rights and ILO Standards in all markets where it is active. Migros makes commitments to abide by these standards in risky situations or adverse events where human rights are at risk and to contact government officials when encountering these kinds of situations. Human rights are a part of risk assessment process. Migros emphasizes the necessity for its employees to fully comply with the standards concerning human rights.

In addition, our company also has a guide booklet called “Orange Book” for employees where our Human Resources Policy and Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Policy are explained in detail and transparently. Migros plans to share this booklet with all of its employees in 2016.

Policy implementation and compliance with the policies is monitored regularly and in accordance with general auditing guidelines by internal auditors. In the event of being informed or receiving complaints about any violation, we carry out additional audits and internal investigations if necessary.

Participation and Transparency:
Employees are updated on their roles and responsibilities and human resources policies and provided with guidance in fulfilling those responsibilities. Human resources policies and processes are shared with employees on regular basis via intranet, e-mail, e-learning and meetings. Employees have access to their own evaluations and are able to receive training on the practices and can monitor their individual results. Internal communication meetings are also conducted to inform and discuss with employees issues of concern to them such as the company’s financial standing, compensation, career paths, training, and health. On the other hand, SosyalM, Migros’ internal platform is created in order to connect employees to each other.
As of 2015; we have 20,171 employees in Turkey, 21,762 employees globally. While 40% of our employees are female, the ratio is 27.20% in managerial positions. It is among our priorities that our female employees take roles in our management. We support our female managers with executive coaching and personal development plans. As part of the Migros Leadership Path Program that we created in order to prepare future senior executives, 42% of our participants are made up of our female employees. Accordingly, we plan to increase the percentage of our female managers to 27.50% in 2016.

With 72% of its personnel born between 1980 and 2000, Migros is a youthful, energetic family whose members’ average age is 31. Average white-collar employee working time for the Company is 9.2 years. 549 employees with disabilities are working in our company.

We value talent management
During 2015, Migros expanded its candidate-employee pool with effective application system management and received 409,000 job applications this year. On average, 130 applicants were reviewed daily and 5,500 new employees were hired. Applicants benefited from our in-house application system for many open positions and 244 positions were filled through in-house transfers and promotions in 2015.

A new candidate pool was created with the project “Recommend a Friend” put into practice in 2015. With the recommendations of our employees, 517 new people joined the Migros family and our employees who gave recommendations and helped with the process were rewarded.

Migros continued to manage its career planning and promotion processes by a program. This program, which allows employees in all stores and departments to manage their own career fairly, and objectively, received the “Most Successful Human Resource Practices” award in the “2012 Retailing Sun Awards”. In 2015, under revised Store Career Definitions, 98% of the store management team is covered by internal resources.

In recognition of its recruitment and hiring practices and performance, Migros received the İzmir Employment Agency’s “2014 Business Employing The Most Women”, “2014 Business Providing The Most Jobs”, “2014 Business Employing The Most Physically Handicapped”; and Social Security Institution’s “2015 Business Employing The Most Physically Handicapped”, “2015 Business Providing The Most Jobs”, and “2015 Business Employing The Most Women” awards.

Specifically designed to be fair, consistent, and transparent, Migros’ human resources performance evaluation systems make use of the most advanced technology and the most effective methods.

Close to 5,750 evaluations are made every year for white collar and administrative personnel for our stores. All administrative staff and store management personnel are evaluated using the Balanced Scorecard methodology in which separate cards are created for each employee. The results of performance evaluations are used in career-progression planning, to identify continuously high-performers, and in the Company’s career planning and compensation systems.

Another performance evaluation methodology is Store Personnel Performance Management. Under this program, close to 14,500 store personnel on average are evaluated twice a year by service quality and job performance managers, who rate employees on the basis of competencies identified as being essential in the retailing industry and who also quantify their professional skills. The results of these performance evaluations play a key role in employees’ career and progression plans.

Besides these two processes, headquarters and store management personnel are subjected to “360º evaluations” in which their strengths and weaknesses are identified in order to help establish development plans. Migros Administrative staff and Store Management are subjected to this evaluation process biennially and annually respectively. All Migros Store Management and Administrative staff that were not involved in the process in 2014 were involved in the process in 2015; more than 2,300 Migros employees were subjected to 360º Competence and Potential Evaluation system.

The Migros Reward System serves employees by recognizing and rewarding performance in creativity, contribution and teamwork. Over 3,000 employees were rewarded through Migros Reward System in 2015.

We value employee satisfaction
A “Working Life Assessment Survey” is conducted every year in order to measure and further improve the level of employee job satisfaction at Migros. This research is intended to determine and prioritize the areas for improvement. The results of this research enable us to analyze and decide on future projects to increase and maintain employee motivation and loyalty.

Sustainable Migros mentality shows its difference with its employee loyalty, visionary leaders, high performance, corporate culture and strong employer brand. We made changes on the process and methodology, and improved the Working Life Assessment Survey in 2015 in cooperation with Aon Hewitt who reflects our exceptional research methodology. Our 2015 Working Life Assessment score was 12 points above the Retail Industry Norm. The reporting that will shape our activity plans is used both on Performance Assessment Systems and improvement practices.

The Migros “Hotline Forum”, which aims to increase employee satisfaction, to address personnel-related problems and potential violations of the ethical code in the quickest way possible, responded to more than 22,500 calls in 2014. The average number of calls dealt with was 1,875 a month. As of 2015, 23,000 calls were answered and solved. This corresponds to approximately 1,917 monthly.

The aim is to answer questions about personal rights, personal details, employee rights and payroll processes. By determining the frequently asked question and reviewing their communication process we aim to minimize the questions about these issues and reduce the number of calls to around 22,000 in 2016.

A variety of projects were undertaken to increase employee loyalty and internal/external customer satisfaction in 2015 under the “Good Job- Good Future” program. Within the scope of sustainability, the “Recruitment Assessment Survey” was created in order to be able to understand the experiences of all new employees of Migros family about the recruitment process and to measure the quality of the information about the employment process to see whether it is effective. Our Human Resources Department uses the results of this survey to improve the processes and to carry out activities to improve employee satisfaction.

Launched in 2013, the Migros Career Facebook page, the first of its kind in the Turkish food retailing industry, now has more than 31,000 followers. In 2014, the Migros Career Facebook page received the “Outstanding Achievement” award in the “Human Resources” category at the international web design and innovation competition held in New York by the Interactive Media Council.

Migros also organizes Migros Sports Festival to ensure that their employees do exercise and adopt a healthy living habit, and to create a team spirit while enjoying themselves. New ground was broken with the 7th Migros Sports Fest held in 2015, and the Festival was held in a city other than Istanbul for the first time. 1,000 athletes from among our employees attended contests within their own fields to be short-listed for the final games before the Festival held in Kemer, Antalya between the 17th and 19th of April. As a result of contests in football, basketball, chess, table-tennis, volleyball, and tennis, the awards were given to the teams and athletes ranking the highest.

We value employee development
Migros Retailing Academy, a program that is designed to contribute to employees’ development, seeks to align human resources with the Company’s corporate priorities and with individual and sector needs. Migros Retailing Academy is structured to create an environment which makes continuous development a component of Migros’ corporate culture and gives employees an option in their own career development.

Developed in collaboration with Anadolu University, the Migros Retailing Program gives high school graduates a chance to earn a university-equivalent degree in just two and a half years. Another program conducted in collaboration with Georgia State University gives store managers a chance to learn about new trends and developments in retailing sector around the world and to visit some of the world’s largest retailers in the United States. A pre-MBA program developed jointly with Koç University gives Migros managers a chance to expand their managerial vision and skills. Leading Turkish and international academics and professionals attend the Koç University Migros Retailing Forum retailing conferences which serves as a platform to exchange knowledge and experience.

“Retailing School” was initiated in 2013 in collaboration with Ege University to provide the industry with the qualified personnel it needs. In 2014, the project was expanded to include Karadeniz Technical University and Anadolu University as well. Senior year university students taking part in this program are equipped with the academic knowledge they need, also being given a chance to put that knowledge to work in an actual store setting.

In 2015, under “Migros Retailing Academy” Faculty of Fresh Food; “Migros Training Delicatessen Counter Staff Program” and “Migros Training Fruit-Vegetable Counter Staff Program” were started in order to improve employee development in Fresh Products sections that have an important place in Migros’ agenda. The aim is to increase job specialization among employees by giving trainings on product information, customer service and suggestive selling subjects; as well as on theoretical and practical information and applied trainings.

Migros Retailing Academy was the recipient of eight different awards and recognitions in the international arena in 2014. Training Magazine, whose awards recognize the world’s most successful learning and development programs, included the Migros Retailing Academy in the “Training Top 125” list that was published. ASTD (The American Society for Training), a non-profit association for workplace learning and performance professionals, bestowed its “Award for Excellence” on the Anadolu University-Migros Associate/ Undergraduate Degree in Retailing Program. CorpU, a training and development organization that runs one of the most prestigious award programs in the field of corporate learning, bestowed its “Excellence & Creativity Award in Learning” in the “Collaboration” category on the Anadolu University-Migros Associate/Undergraduate Degree in Retailing Program.

Related to these initiatives, Migros employees in Turkey were provided with an average of 16.5 days of training in 2014. Despite the substantial increase in the number of employees at the end of 2015, we managed to achieve our 17 days of training per employee target. With the trainings in 2015, we exceeded the target for providing training to 90% of our employees and provided training to 95% of our employees.

We value the right to unionize
Migros adheres to universal human rights and ILO Standards. Since 1972, Migros has followed a work environment where the right to unionize is respected. The constructive dialogue between the union and Migros covers a variety of issues such as the elimination of forced and child labor, abiding by all local rules and regulations and being impartial and fair. Our company is against child labor and forced labor. In this context, in Migros, violation of human rights or ILO standards may result in disciplinary punishment or criminal action.

Migros signed a collective labor agreement with Tez-Koop Labor Union for the period of 1 May 2014 and 30 April 2017. 64% of Migros employees were covered by collective bargaining agreements at the time when the collective labor agreement was signed.

We value a safe work environment
The well-being of our employees is of the utmost importance to our business operations. To provide a safe and secure workplace all Migros managers carefully evaluate our health and safety performance.

Health and Safety Committees were established in 2013 consisting of union and employee representatives and independent consultants. Emergency Plans are prepared and OHS risk-assessments were performed at 1,425 stores, 11 distribution centers, and 5 fresh produce warehouses in 2015.

The OHS processes of all our locations are assessed at the Company’s headquarters at the highest governance level of H&S, the Health and Safety Council, which consists of Human Resources Management and Quality department executives who report directly to the CEO. OHS training is provided to Migros personnel on a regular basis. In places where a full-time OHS specialist and workplace physician is on duty, employees are provided with in class OHS trainings. In class OHS training is given to all employees who start working in headquarters, branches and regional directorates by occupational safety experts and physicians. Online OHS training as a part of distance education is given to all employees throughout the year. Distance learning courses are identified automatically via the system to all new employees. In 2015, OHS trainings were provided to 13,923 employees at all locations, at the company’s stores, distribution centers, and fresh produce warehouses, 799 employees received first-aid training. In 2015, 21,985 of our employees joined trainings given by internal trainers.

On-site tests were performed at headquarters, stores, distribution centers, and fresh product warehouses to determine the acceptable limits of lighting, noise, dust, and heating levels. In 2015, directives, work requests, procedures, and work orders were revised in line with OHS processes and integrated into the quality management system’s documentation structure. Due to the fact that the company’s operations are widely dispersed across Turkey, a software specific to Migros has been developed to allow systematic, centralized oversight and the reporting of all OHS-related processes and activities. The functions of this system include recording and investigating work related accidents and compiling work related accident statistics; checking employee health both at recruitment and at regular intervals; organizing and monitoring personnel training; ordering and monitoring corrective and preventive measures; organizing and conducting emergency action plans and drills; issuing and maintaining equipment records and inspection reports; formulating annual employee work; training; evaluation plans and maintaining OHS Committee meeting records.

In 2014, 4,230 employees went through health check-ups both at recruitment and at regular intervals by occupational physicians. In 2015, the number of employees examined by occupational physicians was 6,912 including periodic inspection and recruitment examinations. In stores, distribution centers and fresh warehouses, AFAD (The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority of Turkey), local fire brigade instructors and occupational safety experts prepared emergency action plans and drills were conducted. Independent consultants accompanied by company management visited stores, distribution centers, and fresh produce warehouses where OHS processes and practices were inspected and corrective/preventive measures were taken as necessary.

The number of accidents that occurred in 2015 was 484, while the accident frequency rate was 10.87. In this context, the number of lost days due to work-related accidents was 3,211 and lost-hours were 24,082. Lost work time was aimed to be reduced by OHS activities and by giving trainings to employees.

As a board member of The Consumer Goods Forum, we took part in the Employee Health & Wellness working group in order to guide the global industry with best practice. CGF members have committed to implement employee health and wellness programs by 2016.

To promote healthier lifestyles among our employees, wellness and social activities are conducted and the “Employee Health and Welfare” program has been successfully implemented. In 2014, 7 projects were conducted that reached 1,613 employees and in 2015 the number of projects increased to 13 and 2,786 employees were reached. For 2016, our aim is to increase the number of our employees who benefit from this program.

Minimization of excess working hours
Work time schedules were previously prepared by our managers. With the beginning of 2015 they are being managed within a software program designed within a fair, flexible and transparent framework. With this software, particularly cashiers and other workforce working hours are evaluated and an appropriate plan is recommended according to set of required algorithms and to customer needs. With this program, it was intended to ensure equality in working in weekends, holidays, mornings and evenings and in many other cases. In 2016, the coverage of store management is included. Migros plans to extend this program to all business units.

Determined in accordance with our fairness, flexible and transparency principles; finger print monitoring devices were fitted in our stores to track the planned and actual work time. In 2015, pilot studies were conducted in 2 regions and it is aimed to be carried out in at least more 2 branches in 2016.

As Migros, we believe that;
  • Healthy employees mean happy employees.
  • Happy employees mean happy teams with better results and less absenteeism.
  • Happy teams mean happy workplace with fewer accidents.
  • Happy workplace means happy customers and stakeholders.

KPIs we follow:
  • Work accidents
  • Lost days
  • Participation rate
  • Financial results
  • Health and Safety at Workplace
  • Sports Activities
  • Health & Wellbeing Activities
  • Social Activities & Hobby Clubs

Some of our activities are:
  • Sports Activities

Sports Tournaments, Sailing Club, Athletics Indoor Cup, İstanbul Eurasia Marathon, Table Tennis,

Participants: 2.000 +

  • Health & Wellbeing Activities

Dietician Services, hospital/pharmacy discounts, diabetes & eyesight screenings, massage services, healthy way of life conferences,

Participants: 2.253 +

  • Social Activities & Hobby Clubs

Amateur Fishing, Photography, Music and Dance, Motorsports, Outdoor and Travel Clubs

Participants: 366 +

  • Health & Safety

TS 18001 OSHO rules and health and safety trainings, sanitary control. 40 OSHO certified inspectors and 45 health supervisor (on-site physicians and other medical personnel, doctors, nurses)

Participants: 16.000 +

  • The service time of our health & safety personnel
  • The service time of our health & safety personnel

  On-site physician H&S Specialist
  Monthly Hours Yearly Hours Monthly Hours Yearly Hours
2014 692 8,304 1,032 12,384
2015 934 11,208 1,088 13,063

  • Migros Health and Safety Performance
  2014 2015
Lost Day * 0.177 0.173

*Lost Day = 200,000 saat/7.5
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