Migros always provides customers with modern, reliable, economic and high quality products to achieve sustainable quality and sector leadership in line with its strategies and mission. Migros Ticaret is the First Food Retailer with four Quality Management System Certifications documented by the Turkish Standards Institute. These certifications are the TS EN ISO 9001 Quality, TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety, TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and OHSAS 18001 Work Health and Safety Management System Certificates.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System
In the framework of corporate values the company has adopted, Migros aims not just to meet but to exceed expectations with customer focus, reliability, sensitivity, leadership, productivity and innovation principles. In this scope the company has created Quality Management System processes and procedures to establish and ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The established system was approved by the TSE and received a ‘TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System’ Certificate.

The ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System+
The goal of Migros, a company which sees world standards as its guide in food safety; is to provide a healthy environment for all products to ensure the unconditional safety of customers and to use a “Risk Management” approach in all processes concerning quality and product safety to reduce any danger to a minimum. As a result of the work conducted by Migros Ticaret in this scope, the company earned the “TS EN IS0 22000 Food Safety Management System” certificate in 2006. The focus of the system is to conduct food safety inspections with an efficient and dynamic approach and the systematic management and control of HACCP Hazard Analyses, Operational Prerequisite Programs and Prerequisite Programs.

The ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System
The “Customer Satisfaction Management System” of Migros Ticaret A.Ş. is the entire system established in line with transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, confidentiality and accountability principles of guiding policies for all customers, suppliers and stakeholders. The system is comprised of processes including the receipt of a communication, tracking it, notifying receipt of it, making the initial assessment, investigating, collecting information, analyzing and evaluating the communication, responding and measuring satisfaction. Migros has earned a TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate in this scope in 2013.

The OHSAS 18001 Work Health and Safety Management System
Migros Ticaret A.Ş. forms the work safety concept together with quality and productivity principles in the framework of the Quality Management Systems. By adopting a proactive approach, the company determines, monitors, controls and makes constant improvements on WHS risks. Training is provided to increase Work Health and Safety awareness. With this work Migros has gone one step further in the quality journey to achieve the “OHSAS18001 Work Health and Safety Management System” certificate in 2015.
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