In the Board of Directors Meeting of our Company dated 01.03.2016;

It has been unanimously decided that, the Dividend Policy of the Company will be submitted to the attention of shareholders as stated below at the Ordinary General Meeting of 2015,

“In line with the Company's long-term strategies, investments and financing plans and profitability, the amount of dividend, which determined by the Board of Directors and submitted for the approval of the General Assembly, computed in accordance with the CMB communiqués and regulations, can be distributed in cash or in the form of bonus shares of stock, or some combination of the two, or retain in the Company.

If General Assembly approves dividend distribution; due dates for distribution will be either decided individually by the General Assembly or General Assembly may authorize Boards of Directors. In any case, distribution should start the latest by the end of the fiscal year, in which the General Assembly approves the dividend distribution. Additionally, distribution is complied with all other requirements stated in Capital Market Law and CMB communiqués.

There are no preferred stocks and any individual to take part in the profits other than shareholders in the Company.

This is the Company's policy for the next three years. Any change in this policy will be publicly disclosed.”