Creating employees that can turn into competitive advantages
Migros T.A.Ş configures its strategies in such a way as to obtain continuous quality, respectability and sectoral leadership combined with a customer satisfaction concept which will raise the retail standards of the countries in operation. Migros Human Resources aims to develop and apply the systems which will provide continuous motivation, management and development of the human resources, that could create a competitive advantage in the realisation of these objectives.
As our founder Vehbi Koç expressed most succinctly “Our most important capital is our human resources.” The quality of our products and services begins with quality of our employees. To employ the best employees and grown up human resources in our company, to obtain the maximum benefit from the talents, power and creativeness of our people, to increase their productivity, to offer opportunities for their development and to create a work environment with collaboration and solidarity, make up the way our company has chosen to ensure the continued existence of our corporation throughout generations.

Our Principles
Viewing Human Resources As Of Strategic Importance:
Human Resources Management in Migros, highlights the value given to “human being” to make this concept strategically important and creates awareness to evaluate them as privileged. Human Resources Strategies configured to organize and develop a fast, reliable and proactive organizational structure, necessary to continue the sectoral leadership in the competitive business environment. Our employees are evaluated as a strategic source with the belief that their experience and creativeness will be a pushing force in the fast adaptation to new markets and in obtaining the leadership status

Excellent Business Ethics and Integrity:
Showing fair, good will and understanding behaviour in our all relations with our employees and abiding the laws and ethic codes is our main principle.

Migros guarantees to execute its obligations to its employees within the context of legal arrangements
In order to provide a secure work environment to employees of Migros T.A.Ş, requirements of “Laws, Regulations and Rules regarding Labour Law and Work Safety” are executed and also sectoral standards related to ergonomy and the development of the work environment are met. Civil defence activities, regarded as of great importance in our country, are practised through trainings by collaborating with responsible public organizations.

Equal Opportunity:
Migros offers its services with its employees from various age, nationality and religion groups in its affiliates in Turkey and overseas. From employment proccess to wage policies, the entire Human Resources decision making process is executed in accordance with the detailed position profiles. Migros observes and evaluates competencies, skills and performances of its employees with its Human Resources evaluation systems objectively within the context of common principles. According to evaluation results, Migros provides equal opportunity to its employees in training, development, career and salary with Migros Integrated Human Resources system.

Human Resources Representative Power:
Management of Process and Relations with the employees of Human Resources of Migros in accordance with the determined Human Resources Policies and principles, is clearly defined and agreed upon with the regulations and the corporation business ethics principles within the competence of Human Resources and Industrial Relations Deputy General Directorate Act

Participation and Transparency:
Managers and employees are the inseparable parts of the Human Resources applications in Migros. Employees are informed about their roles and responsibilities regarding human resources applications and guided in order to execute these responsibilities.

Human Resources policies and processes are continuously shared with employees by using all communication sources of the company (Intranet, e-mail, distance learning and meeting organizations). Employees have access to all evaluations regarding themselves and can obtain information and have trainings about applications and follow their individual results.

Migros plans and manages the occupational development of its employees, to ensure the continuity of the competitiveness level not only in company but also in all occupational platforms in order to create positive actions for environment society and economy

Devotion to Common Values:
Common Values constitute the foundation of our Company Culture. These common values are;  
  • To regard customer satisfaction as first priority
  • To be modern and dynamic
  • Integrity and Reliability
  • To be respectful to laws and personal rights
  • To be sensitive to society and environment
  • To be predispositioned to teamwork
Acts of the employees against the common values of the Company, are evaluated objectively with warning systems and in accordance with the disciplinary committee procedure

Migros Integrated Human Resources Systems
Human Resources Strategies
The aim is to analyse the requirements of the organization for today and for future in order to reach the strategic objectives and setting up the systems which will develop the most appropriate human resources for these requirements.

Process Analysis and Sub-Process Definition
Migros created a corporate documentation methodology under the name of “Sub-Process Definition” which observes the operations of the company based on micro process and relations (links) and which analyzes and evaluates these process based on competencies/responsibilities areas, input/output, performance criteria and critical success factors.

With this methodology, direct participation of the employees into process of creation sub-process definition is obtained, and also an increasing participation is received during this creation by determining the points which might be developed in process and inter-process, and developing solutions for these points.

Employment and Placement
The main objective of “Employment and Placement” is to choose and place the employees who will carry the company to the future and will meet the requirements of their positions on the top level in accordance with the company culture and common values, in the most appropriate positions, and to be a point of attraction for employees. Employment and Placement process is done with modern evaluation methods and tools like interviews, panels and tests according to clearly defined competencies and occupational skills profiles in positions.

Migros T.A.Ş applies its, modern, reliable, unbiased and respectable attitude to laws and human rights behaviour to employee candidates beside its employees

Integrated Human Resources Evaluation Systems
Migros with its “Integrated Human Resources Evaluation Systems” observes and evaluates the competencies, skills and performance of its employees objectively in accordance with its common principles.

The competencies and skills of the employees are evaluated with a participatory process in order to create personal development plans for the employees, to determine the employees who have a potential for managerial positions, to support and manage the development, according to necessary skills and critical competency requirements of the Company. The objective of this evaluation process is not only to choose the potentials but to train the potentials which will carry the Company forward.

The objective of the Performance Management is, to ensure the expansion of the strategies and objectives of the company, to manage the performances of the employees in accordance with the common principles objectively and to direct the career development/back up, remuneration package and individual career development policies according to evaluation results. In this context, both for top management and bluecollar employees, for every position, performance management systems are developed and applied in accordance with common principles.

Development Planning and Training
Development Planning aims to develop the performances of the employees in their management level and business family, to train the employees from company’s own sources as candidates for the future positions and management levels that might be needed by Company later, to meet the development requirements of the employees in competencies and skills areas which are determined by Integrated Human Resources Evaluation Systems. The development plans prepared in line with these, are supported with a continuously developed infrastructure by sources like distance learning, class education, special assignments and rotation, and then offered to employees. The management of the corporate and employees within the strategic plan and corporate priorities are ensured.

With the “job evaluation”, executed in order to ensure the justice in compensation system, salary evaluations are done according to standard factors with regard to the responsibility and participation levels needed to reach the corporation objectives. The main principle of compensation, is the management of the total income packages of the employees, by separately analysing and rewarding the performance with fair and competitive compensation policies based on inter-company – market balances and evaluation results about salaries.

Industrial Relations
The objective of Industrial Relations is to follow and apply the rights given to employees by laws and business contract, to ensure the application of related laws and regulations in full force and to manage the employee personal rights by protecting the work peace and fulfilling the legal responsibilities.