Support is our duty!

Since 2014, Migros has been working with the Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP) in the conduct of a project whose aim is to use food products which have approached their sell-by date but which are still edible in order to feed wildlife, stray animals, and animals kept in shelters. Such foods are turned over to HAYTAP in support of the organization’s efforts. Under this project, 45.3 tons of food gathered from 338 Migros stores located in 40 of the country’s provinces were provided to HAYTAP.

The Other Social Benefits

In 2016, social support was provided to various institutions and organizations by Migros:  During the run-up to the Feast of Sacrifice each year, Migros and Migros Virtual Market customers are also given a chance to make donations to ZİÇEV.

Migros customers who do their shopping at the Migros Virtual Market have the option of making a charitable donation of products which they can have sent to the Foundation for Children in Need of Protection, to TEGEV, and to the Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children (ZİÇEV).

Under the “Clothes Donation Campaign” that Migros has traditionally been conducting jointly with Ariel (a P&G detergents manufacturer), the company has supported the donation of more than half a million garments to 220 thousand children. Under this project, a complete set of brand-new holiday clothes is donated to a needy child for every Ariel-branded item that is sold at a Migros store during the campaign period. 

Migros made donations totaling TL 537.416,40 to socially beneficial agencies and organizations in 2016.
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