Balanced Diet + Activity = A Good Life

Developing important projects aimed at improving public health, Migros works to ensure that a healthy life becomes a lifestyle through its “balanced diet” and “Activity” projects carried out under the “Good Living” motto. Migros plays an important role in developing the health and wellbeing of its customers and the general public, for which it provides services. The positive effect of the work being carried out for its consumers to access a healthy and good diet and to support an active and healthy life for all is rapidly increasing. Communication and education programs are employed to help raise consumer awareness of the energy balance that directs a healthy life, a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Sundays with a Bicycle

In another project in Izmir, Migros held weekly bicycle tours under the “Sundays with a Bicycle” slogan, which draws bikers together. Expanding the support for this sport, the “3rd High Schools Cycling Competition” was organized in 2014, where 2,500 high school pupils enjoyed the competition and 800 pupils learned to ride a bicycle. Cycling tours under the “Sundays with a Bicycle” motto were organized in 2015, with a total of 3,000 people participated in the tours.

The Good Agricultural Practices

The “Good Agricultural Practices” (GAP) project launched by Migros in conjunction with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in 2010 is a project which aims to ensure that Turkish consumers consume the best agricultural products with confidence, that future generations eat a healthy diet, and to bring about more efficient and productive use of agricultural land in Turkey through environmental practices. Through the practice, Migros was the first retail company to apply a control system based on reliable criteria regarding pesticide analysis, traceable products and a farming model that protects human, animal and environment health with the highest quality fruit and vegetables through the GAP. Accordingly, every stage of production is recorded any many criteria such as the selection of seeds that will sewn into fields, the possible environmental impact of land farming, standards of prescribed medicine and fertilizers which take account of the health of farm workers are taken into consideration and relevant requirements are complied with.

The Expert Butcher

The products, marketed with the “Expert Butcher” label, and which are ready for consumption and can be prepared without manual intervention, won the “Remarkable” and “Good Taste” awards in the “Superior Taste Awards”. This system implemented for red meat has also served as a very important reference for Turkish farmers.

Handicapped People

Migros, which creates a difference with the projects it develops in the field of corporate social responsibility, supported the “Big Picture” project executed by the Turkey Handicapped Sports, Education and Assistance Foundation (THSEAFTESYEV) with the objective of meeting the needs of disabled people. Migros put THSEAF’s 15th Anniversary “Big Picture” CDs on sale in its stores, thereby mediating in the revenue to be gained from the sales of CDs to contribute to the education and health needs of disabled people. Launched in 2011 within the scope of “Removing the Obstacles in Shopping” program, store employees are appointed to escort customers with disabilities and assist them while shopping. With the “Let Us Carry for You” project intended for people aged 65 and over, store personnel accompany elderly shoppers and carry their shopping as they return home. In this context, the project started in 204 stores with 229 wheelchairs in 2014. The number of wheelchairs was increased to 251 in 223 stores in 2015. Accordingly, all stores with the Migros Jet cash counter type and Jet cash counters were adapted for wheelchair access.  
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