In line with its 63 year history and sustainability vision, Migros, which has such strong ties of affection with its consumers, takes concrete steps to raise social awareness in the field of social responsibility and executes pioneering practices in the sector.

Many activities are carried out to raise awareness of social responsibility, to leave a healthier and habitable planet to future generations and to promote the efficient use of resources. Migros bases its activities on the principle of being responsible for people, nature and future generations. Migros devises various projects by identifying the areas needed for social development. It carries out activities in which suppliers, customers and employees are participants spread these projects at the grassroots level by collaborating with foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations. Social needs such as education, the arts, sport, the environment and a healthy and good life are at the heart of Migros’s work on social responsibility.

Migros devises all of its projects around values such as innovation, customer focus, leadership, sensitivity, efficiency and trust, which Migros adopts wholeheartedly. Sustainability is the reference point for all of the projects that Migros carries out. There is an in-house “Sustainability Committee” over which senior managers preside to coordinate sustainability work processes from a single point. Under the leadership of this committee, work is carried out which takes into consideration a wide range of criteria such as global warming, biodiversity, efficient use of natural resources, reduction of food waste, energy and waste management, responsible procurement and corporate governance.

Migros was the first and only retailer to be admitted to the BIST Sustainability Index that was set up by examining the companies in BIST 50 Index and the volunteer companies in BİST 100 by Borsa İstanbul, in three consecutive years. In 2016, Migros qualified for admission to the BIST Sustainability Index after being measured against independent criteria among 42 companies whose corporate sustainability performance were at the highest level subjected to review. Migros also qualified for admission to the Borsa İstanbul Corporate Governance Index as a result of independent grading.  Migros has been reporting its footprint to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) since 2015, and took place among the CDP Turkey Climate Leaders with its climate change action plan in 2016.  The bridge of trust that Migros built between the Company and its customers is its biggest reward. These successes are endorsed by the awards given to Migros by national and international authorities. Migros received “The Most Admired Company of Retail Sector” for a 13th time in a row in the survey of “Turkey’s most admired companies” again in 2016, was chosen as a “Lovemark” for an 9th time in a row in the “Supermarket” category in the survey of “Turkey’s Lovemarks”.
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